Voice Loggers

oice logging is the practice of regularly recording telephone conversations. Business sectors which often do voice logging include public safety (e.g. 9-1-1 and emergency response systems), customer service call centers (conversations are recorded for quality assurance purposes), and finance (e.g. telephone-initiated stock trades are recorded for compliance purposes). Although voice logging is usually performed on conventional telephone lines, it is also frequently used for recording open microphones (e.g. on a stock trading floor) and for broadcast radio.


• Automatically records all IN AND OUTBOUND landline telephone calls.

• Calls are saved to your computer and can be saved to your Police Management System should you have one.

• The recording/call can be emailed to any third party.

• Pop up screen to add a note.

• Only shows the Outgoing number but records all calls.

• Password Protected.

• Can backup to a server.

• Can search on Date, Duration, Number Dialed, Extension and Note Added.

• Compatible with Analogue and Digital phones.


• Clients name appears on screen before the call is answered.

• Picks up the INCOMING and OUTGOING number and shows all missed calls with the person’s name and telephone number.

• Has got a BUILT IN ADDRESS BOOK that can be imported from Excel or Outlook.

• Auto inserts clients name if in address book.

• A POPUP WINDOW is available to add a note. A new client or number can be added with the popup. A note can also be added after the call has been made.

• With incoming calls the system can announce that the call may be recorded for quality or legal protection reasons. Customised announcements can be made and used.

• The system doubles up as an ANSWERING MACHINE and messages can be replayed and kept for record purposes including your record of advice. This can be disabled.

• Listen to messages left on your landline, while you are out of the office.

• Records by date and time.

• Recordings can be EMAILED to a third party.

• Sensitive Information can be PASSWORD PROTECTED.

• Search for specific call using many different criteria to find a call.

• Can create a graph for Day/Month of calls received, made or missed.


• Administrator can monitor call live.

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