MyQ is a server-based application that streamlines and secures your document management.

SmartPrint is a web based non-proprietary print management and cost accounting solution. It enables workgroups and organisations

to monitor and control the number of photocopies, prints, faxes and scans made by employees.


KYOcapture is a document capture and routing software for business automation that can securely capture electronic or paper documents from any source, perform various document processing and automatically deliver it all to your enterprise repositories or business applications.

KMnet Viewer

KMnet Viewer

KMnet Viewer is a software application used to monitor your devices by user or department. It will determine which devices are being

used by each department and will display counter information by department or by device.

KMnet Admin

KMnet Admin is a total device web based management software, capable of managing thousands of devices on multiple networks.

KMnet Admin provides an account management system to monitor the usage by user or by department.



KYOanalyser is a simple way of generating a snapshot of your print environment. A simple installation on any workstation on the

network will allow the software to locate all machines on the network and usage by machine.


KYOeasyprint is an output management solution designed to improve the workflow of customers’ document output

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant is a business application powered by HyPAS that transforms your Kyocera MFP into an on-demand test creating,

grading and analysis hub.

Teaching Assistant

Smart Vault

Electronic Document Management for Businesses that require a centralized filing system that is easy to use, easy to setup and easy the



SmartScan is a HyPAS software application enabling you to scan documents easily and efficiently. It offers scanning to various destinations

like e-mail or folders, and allows you to change scan settings such as the colour mode or file format with the push of a button.


With SmartFax, MFP faxing becomes fast & easy. The simple user interface on the MFP panel requires to input only the destination fax

number – no need to enter anything else.

Net Admin

KYOCERA’s web-based application Net Admin provides you with powerful functionality for remote fleet management and administration.

Once installed, it will automatically connect to all your devices.

Net Admin


You certainly know how annoying it is when you quickly need a printout and the device you sent the document to is busy printing a large

document. In such a situation, you can either send the document again to another device, accepting that it will be printed twice and left

unattended in the original printer’s tray, or wait until the printer is ready to process your job.

Print&Follow SE

Pinpoint Scan


Nowadays, many offices use MFPs rather than desktop scanners to turn their printed documents into digital files. While being fast,

efficient and powerful, most MFPs lack an easy-to-use system to scan documents to a selected destination on your PC



SyncThru Device Management Solution

Remotely discovers, manages, diagnosis and reports all devices within the network to achieve increased efficiency and productivity of the organization.

SecuThru Secure Printing Solution

Ensures document security and help reduce printed waste. The key features are card authentication, secure release printing and job accounting.


Barcode is used to manage assets and stock items, track items through distribution channels or simply improve the management of document within the organization.


Streamlines document workflows from capturing paper documents, as well as electronic document, to distributing them to predefined destinations.

SmarThru Workflow Document Distribution Solution

Barcode Document Management Solution

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